Howard Means

Howard Means was Senior Writer for Washingtonian magazine from 1977-1982 and Senior Editor from 1989-2000. In between, he was Critic at Large and an editorial board member for the Orlando Sentinel and an op-ed columnist for King Features Syndicate. At the Washingtonian, he won three William Allen White Medals for feature writing.

Among his earlier books are the first biography of Colin Powell, a selection of the History Book Club; Money & Power: The History of Business, companion piece to the CNBC documentary of the same name and translated into Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages; a novel, CSA, optioned for an ABC mini-series; The Banana Sculptor, the Purple Lady, and the All-Night Swimmer, studies in eccentricity, co-authored with Susan Sheehan; The Avenger Takes His Place: Andrew Johnson and the 45 Days That Changed the Nation, also a featured selection of the History Book Club; and most recently, Johnny Appleseed: The Man, the Myth, and the American Story, of which Ken Burns wrote “John Chapman comes alive here, and it is a thrilling experience to escape the decades of myth.” Over the last fifteen years, Means has also assisted in the writing of numerous books, including best-selling memoirs by Michael Deaver, Robert Baer, Louis Freeh, and George Tenet. He is now at work on a look back at the Kent State shootings: May 4, 1970.

Born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he lives now in Millwood, Virginia, with his wife, Candy.

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